The First International Symposium on Biofunctional Chemistry (ISBC2012)



Section I: Protein Interaction

 Dr. Donald Hilvert (ETH Zurich)
 Dr. Donald A. Bryant (Pennsylvania State University)
 Dr. Sihyun Ham (Sookmyung Women's Univerisity)
 Dr. Takeaki Ozawa (The University of Tokyo)

Section II: Functional DNA/RNA

 Dr. Thomas Carell (Ludwig-Maximilians-University)
 Dr. Jonathan B. Chaires (University of Louisville)
 Dr. Kazuhiko Nakatani (Osaka University)
 Dr. Xiang Zhou (Wuhan University)

Section III: Metals in Chemical Biology

 Dr. Jung-Hye Roe (Seoul National University)
 Dr. Yoshitsugu Shiro (RIKEN SPring-8 Center)
 Dr. Yi Lu (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
 Dr. Gerard Roelfes (University of Groningen)

Section IV: Young Researchers Society for Biochemistry

 Dr. Satoshi Yamaguchi (The University of Tokyo)
 Dr. Akira Onoda (Osaka University)
 Dr. Hirohide Saito (Kyoto University)
 Dr. Hiromu Kashida (Nagoya University)
 Dr. Satoshi Nishimura (The University of Tokyo)

Section V: Cell Function of Macromolecules

 Dr. Carston R. Wagner (University of Minnesota)
 Dr. Ick-Chan Kwon (Korea Institute of Science and Technology)
 Dr. Mikiko Sodeoka (RIKEN)
 Dr. Bert Poolman (University of Groningen)

Section VI: Nanobiotechnology lnnovation in Biomolecular Chemistry

 Dr. Bing Xu (Brandeis University)
 Dr. Frank Caruso (The University of Melbourne)
 Dr. Vasilis Ntziachristos (Technical University of Munich)
 Dr. Shoji Takeuchi (The University of Tokyo)
 Dr. Yoshio Okahata (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

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